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Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone vs. Remote Work

by Agnieszka Moleda, on September 5, 2017

The topic of comfort zones has been widely discussed in media, with lots of TEDx talks, articles and publications. Everyone is saying that “you have to overcome your personal barriers”. Everyone experienced being in the comfort zone. It’s personal; what for some seems to be a goal and an aspiration, for others can turn out to be a comfy place.

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7 Tips on Things to Avoid When Creating Buyer Personas

by Agnieszka Moleda, on July 20, 2017

Creating buyer personas isn’t easy, and it does take a little bit of time and practice to not only come up with them, but to then properly apply them in your marketing efforts. We’ve learned a lot about this over our years of inbound marketing actions, so here are the top seven things your business should avoid when creating buyer personas.

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5 Mistakes Made by Businesses in Their Content Marketing Efforts

by Agnieszka Moleda, on July 18, 2017

We’re constantly learning, often from our mistakes. Over time, as we’ve collaborated with marketing professionals representing a variety of businesses, from huge corporations to growing startups and just about everything in between, we’ve seen a lot. These marketing professionals live and breathe their passion and will stop at nothing to reach the goals that have been set — internally and externally.

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Introducing Elif, our Global Account Manager

by Agnieszka Moleda, on April 25, 2017

Topics: Virtual culture


We're happy to introduce Elif Özgecan Hız, our Global Account Manager. Elif's role is i.a. understanding customer needs, identifying, characterising and developing new business opportunities and personalised marketing solutions aligned with the inbound marketing strategy. Elif's role in Wings4U has evolved over time, about which you can read in the interview below.

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Introducing Daniela, our Production Manager

by Agnieszka Moleda, on April 18, 2017

Topics: Virtual culture


We're happy to introduce Daniela Belén Sesma, our Production Manager. At Wings4U, she is responsible for developing & implementing internal processes, management of production, support the production team, as well as hiring. We asked Daniela some questions. 

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Meet Matias Vivone, our Process Analyst & Business Consultant

by Agnieszka Moleda, on April 4, 2017

Topics: Virtual culture


We're happy to introduce Matias Vivone, our Process Analyst & Business Consultant.  At Wings4U, Matias is responsible for developing & implementing internal processes, customizing tools and technical support. This is very dynamic role that requires a lot of focus and thinking out of the box. We took a few minutes to ask Matias some questions. 

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Meet Jovana Sreckovic, our new Microsoft WE Voice of the Customer Program Manager

by Agnieszka Moleda, on February 17, 2017

Topics: Virtual culture


We're happy to introduce Jovana Sreckovic, our Microsoft WE Voice of the Customer Program Manager at Wings4U. It's a regional role with global implications, part of our B2B marketing agency in Europe. At Wings4U, Jovana is responsible for direct contact and support for 12 Microsoft subsidiaries in Western Europe and delivery of great content that Wings4U Artists create based on amazing Microsoft customer stories. This is an interesting and dynamic job which often consists of a series of parallel projects and requires full time attention, accuracy, commitment and above all multitasking! We took a few minutes to find out what makes Jovana tick.

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15 Mottos on #VirtualCulture to Live by in 2017

by Agnieszka Moleda, on January 12, 2017

Topics: Productivity

We believe in a simple formula: Speed of internet = the speed at which we remove the traditional understanding of work. Technology enables us to socialize with people around the world in seconds, so why shouldn’t we connect to build teams, connect with talented professionals around the world and collaborate to create amazing work? Remote work is on the rise, and it’s rising for good reason: people are demanding it because it improves their lives. The big question is, can you still create a company culture if your team is all over the globe?

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