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Take off with Wings4U

by Daniela Sesma, on February 5, 2018



Like many agencies, we’re hiring! But one key thing that sets us apart from the rest is our flexibility. We are 100% remote, have been since day 1, and are ready to find the best talent in the world that is in search of this unmatched agility. Keep reading to find out more about our three highlighted openings: inbound marketing lead, technical writer, and web developer.

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How Working Remotely Helped Me Live My Best Life

by Daniela Sesma, on October 24, 2016

Topics: Virtual culture

Back in March I made what was going be the biggest decision of my year when I took a position at Wings4U, a company with remote working at its core. Before that, I was working at an advertising agency, doing crazy hours and never seeing daylight. I was having an existential crisis roughly every two months! “What am I doing with my life?” I asked myself, “is this worth all the time I’m spending here?” I wondered when something cool and adventurous would happen. I didn’t know what life had in store.

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